I've gotten calls and emails from you about your connection with the book.  I don't want to use this as a testimonial so I'll just say that I'm pleasantly surprised that the book has stirred so much emotion in you and in many different ways.  I think part of the emotion is the fact that collectively we have a lot of pent up anger and perhaps even fear about the status of not only the Black male but the Black person in general.  Are the gains we have achieved real?  Just look at the Trayvon Martin case. Virtually every poll suggests that when asked about the fairness of the case, rather if George Zimmerman acted wisely, over 90% of Black people say no he did not.  Latino's are somewhere in the middle and only 35% say that he did not act wisely, meaning nearly 7 out of 10 White people think Zimmerman did the right thing!  People we have a long way to go when it comes to race relations in America, but we won't get anywhere without first admitting that we have a problem.  We need national therapy.
I will have a book signing gathering on May 24, 2012 in Richmond, Virginia.  Genet Semere at C'est le Vin has been gracious enough to host this event.  C'est le Vin is located at 15 N. 17th Street, Richmond VA, 23219.  The phone number there is 804-649-9463. Please join us for Wine, cheese and hors d'oevres from 3pm - 7pm.  I'm so looking forward to this event, it will give me the opportunity to talk to those who have read the book and gauge  their pulse.  I also created a Fan page today on Facebook.  My page can be found here if enough of you "Like" this page I can get a separate URL.  Either way, it's a place for us to meet, talk, chat, listen, learn and engage. 
We are excited to let you know that our inaugural release, Now I Can Dream: Adult Black Males and the Mentors That Saved Them, will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.  Before that, this is a brief synopsis of what Dr. Patterson hopes to inspire in the reader. 

"Join Dr. Rick Patterson on a journey of self-discovery.  Led by five "Brothas" and his unseen mentor "The Soul," Dr. Patterson revisits Black history and looks at the social and psychological circumstances that have led Black males into their un-lofty status of being number one - in incarceration, HIV-Aids transmission, college drop-out and unemployment rates.  Through the power of mentoring, Dr. Patterson seeks to engage the Black man and help him to construct a circumstance and identity that is not predetermined."